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Medical Information: It is not the intention of AHII to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide Asian language users with multi-language information/references to better understand their health conditions and their diagnosed disorders. To the extent possible, AHII provides users with the original source information, and identifies the source of the translation and review of the translated information, but the accuracy of the translation or the original medical information cannot be guaranteed. Users are responsible for making their own evaluation and are strongly advised to verify the information and seeking professional advice before acting upon any medical recommendations. 醫護資訊: 製作 < 美亞醫訊 > 網站的目的,並非為提供醫護資訊;而是要提供以多國亞洲語言翻譯的醫護資訊給予讀者參考,以便亞裔人士更好地瞭解其健康狀況和疾病的診斷。<美亞醫訊>會盡力提供資訊的來源、標示資料翻譯及校對的來源;不過,<美亞醫訊>並不能為原文及譯文的準確性作出保證。在採取任何醫療建議的行動前,讀者有責任先自行作出自己的評價審查、並強烈建議讀者核實信息和尋求專業意見。
External Links: AHII provides links to the Internet sites for the original document at the time that the translation was done, but will not guarantee their availability thereafter. Further, AHII does not endorse, warrant or guarantee products, services or information described or offered at these other Internet sites. It is the responsibility of the user to examine the copyright and licensing restrictions of linked pages and to secure all necessary permission. 外部網頁鏈接: < 美亞醫訊 > 提供網頁鏈接以連接到原文的網頁;但這是以翻譯原文的時間為準;< 美亞醫訊 >並不能保證原文網頁其後存取的可用性。另外,< 美亞醫訊 >並不會認可、授權及保證其他網站的產品、服務及資訊。讀者應自行查詢這些連接網頁的版權及授權限制,並自行獲取所需的使用權利。

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