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The medical information in this website contains both copyrighted and non-copyrighted information. Works produced by organizations other than the Federal Government may be protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Where necessary, related information and alert will be indicated, at our best effort, at appropriate area of an article.

However, a copyright notice is not required by law and therefore not all copyrighted material is necessarily marked in this way.

The translated materials on this website (, including but not limited to all texts, graphics, drawings, diagrams, photographs, or other materials are protected by copyright, with the source of copyrighting identified per article. For source information of translated articles, please refer to the footnote under each individual article.

If a page is copyrighted, transmission or reproduction of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use as defined in the copyright laws may require the written permission of the copyright owners of the source documents. AHII cannot grant this permission.

本網站的醫護資訊,有部份受版權保障 , 美國及國際版權法保障由非聯邦政府所製作的內容。有需要的時候,我們會盡最大努力,在文中適當處,顯示有關版權資料及提示。


本網站 (< 美亞醫訊 >) 的內容,包括但不限於所有文本、平面圖像、圖畫、圖片、照片以及其他資料的編譯,均受版權保障;所有版權來源,均在於個別文章內標識。原文的有關資料,請查閱附於個別文章最後部分的補充說明。

依據版權法,受版權保障的網頁,可合理的傳送或複製, 除此之外, 必須獲得原文版權持有人書面的許可,方能取得其合理使用的權利。< 美亞醫訊 >不能授予這個權利。


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